Hi, we’re Hemisphere.

We're an internet solutions team based in Auckland, New Zealand. We build stuff for the internet; the kind of stuff that's cross-device, high-performance, and scales to handle vast amounts of traffic.

We've done a fair few things over the past eight years, but this is what we're best at:

Bespoke software development
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If you have a need for an internet-based application (it might need to run in a browser, or maybe it operates 'behind the scenes') that something off-the-shelf can't do, then we can build it for you. Whether it's big (like a RESTful API that needs to scale to serve millions of requests) or small (like a browser-based interface to a database) we can do it (and have probably done it before).

Cloud computing implementations
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We've been designing and implementing Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing solutions since 2010, and we've worked with some very highly-trafficked sites. If you want to implement a new solution (or transition an existing one) on a compute cloud, and performance, stability and security are paramount, we can help.

Online video delivery solutions
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Since 2007, we've been building world-class video delivery solutions for some of the best-known entertainment, media and educational organisations in the world, including CNN, NBC Universal, FOX Sports, Turner Sports, NewsCorp and many more. We build high-definition, high-performance, cross-device solutions that address all aspects of modern digital video delivery. Not just the front-end, either, but also complex media workflow solutions that can take your video from source to consumer in one click.

We've done a lot of other things than those listed above, and still do them from time to time. Feel free to ask if what you need isn't one of the big three above.

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